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…mmm (Appropriately I am staying at lovely Blue Bay Hotel)


…for more fun, touch the picture gently to enlarge as appropriate (…could not resist filthy comment)

And, from another angle

admittedly there is a bit of green in the middle… (the pictures are hardly doing the place justice, it is indeed gorgeous)

As it is going to be a very blue holiday, I thought I’d go with it. There is nothing ‘new’ in them or borrowed, they are all old and blue. Then again, I am not a woman getting married, I am rather manly and only going there for a few days:-)

there is a bit of yellow here…

and a bit of red and green here

…but blue is the main idea

…different shades of blue

…some light blue or grayish

…some stripy

…but generally, blue is the main thing, you know?

yeap, money may not be blue but a nice blue place to put it :-). Plus, I’ve got the socks to go with it!

If this post gets more views than my other, more intellectually challenging ones, I’ll get blue in the face (picture to follow 🙂

P.S. Yes, I forgot that…

…couldn’t find any porn with a blue cover