This happened about a year ago, but I have a system. If I still remember it and find it ‘postworthy’, I write about it. So, I was in London, it the health centre where I used to work as a reiki practitioner. This was a bad day for me. It had started with 3 appointments with new clients, who, during the day, all cancelled. Now, this is bad enough, but you need to consider that I had already travelled to central London, paid for the ticket and prepaid for an extra hour for the room where I work, so I was already about £50 out of pocket on a day I was expecting to be about £150 up, and I was facing a total of about 4 hours of commuting on top of that. It was also pouring down, but hey, this is London. This had never happened before (or after) and I was angry, planning to reconsider my cancelation policy on my way back home. Just outside the health centre, I crossed Eccleston str to go towards Victoria station when a golden (I kid you not) Hummer with Arabian number plates whizzed along through a puddle of rainwater on the road and drenched any remaining composure and dignity I had left – there wasn’t much of it to begin with.


-So, I said to the guy “I want a car to reflect my elegant yet sophisticated personality”

So, as the true Olympian triple-jumper that lives inside me decided to take over, I trotted and urgently yet gingerly jumped onto the pavement to the other side, to at least avoid being run over by the Hummer. All along I am loudly swearing in Greek at the Arab-plated American monster in a busy street in central London to an internationally wide-ranging audience, that’s cosmopolitanism for you. As I landed on the pavement, still looking back towards the now disappearing Hummer, I turn my head and realise I landed in front of a man in a electric wheelchair. He was about my age as far as I could tell, driving the wheelchair with a lever attached just below his chin, as (I suspect) he was paralysed from the neck down. He had stopped, and had he not I would have landed on him. He looked at me and smiled, or at least that’s what it seemed like to me. I smiled back and nodded. He then started moving again to the direction he was going. I then reconsidered my day a lot and my life a little. You are welcome to do the same.