“I now see what you mean. I am glad the initial misunderstanding was clarified in this way”

There are some people that I have completely opposite opinions to. That’s normal. It usually makes for interesting conversations as well (as a matter of fact I just had one, having a mojito and overlooking Athytos bay in Halkidiki from the most beautiful spot at Blue Bay Hotel). I am obviously always right but this is irrelevant here, because I respect people’s right to think whatever they like and do not bother them about it. It is also irrelevant that occasionally these people may hold a particular view of the world so idiotic that without a sense of humour they would be unbearable. They may be White supremacists, fascists, feminists, ex-Bush supporters, homophobes, xenophobes, whateverophobes, you know the kind. Again, that is not the end of the world. What is the end of the world is that people with such views typically try to persuade other people that they are right and often take conversations there when they were not going there at all. In fact they were going somewhere nice, or nowhere at all, often a very nice place for a conversation to be a going, especially one among people with high emotional intelligence. Personally I try to keep out of these forced conversations because their only possible outcome is that they bring unnecessary friction among people who are neither friends, nor do they have much in common, and in all probability do not seek each others company. But it is often impossible. And when it is, my opening statement is this: “We are one conversation away from never talking again and it is this one, are you sure you want to have it?”. Sometimes they go for yes and others for a different topic. But the reason why I recommend you try it is this: When you do it, look into their eyes. The look you’ll see is one of somebody who has probably never been told before ‘this is my time and intellect and you are about to try to abuse it unsuccessfully for the last time. Have you nothing better to do? Amazing. I have. All the best.’