This is going to be a very short post, no intention to be witty or anything of the sort. A few days ago I was at Mexico City airport, in the domestic flights terminal. I took this very bad picture with my mobile.fc65c242-2604-4102-be8c-0c2e1cd6e7f2

I took the picture when I realised what was going on in the terminal, which, up to that point I thought was a strange coincidence. The man in the wheelchair is a security guard at the terminal. In the area past security check, after the ‘system’ has checked that you don’t have any knives, guns, pistols, nuclear warheads or other such like in your hand-luggage, almost all the guards are men and women in wheelchairs. I counted 7 out of 9 in that area only but there might have been more. Now, a couple of things that are not obvious at first glance: The guards are employed by a private company subcontracted by the airport. They are (the two that I tried my luck with) fluent in English, unlike the majority of other employees at the airport and in Mexico in general. I also overheard one of them speak French and one speak German to tourists. For all I could tell, their duties included making sure people know where they are going, health and safety is maintained in the area, there is no overcrowding anywhere, the queues are orderly, etc.

I now also know what the other two security guards (not in wheelchairs) were there for: They were helping people with special needs.