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There is a personal balance, different for everybody. It’s a shame really, because if it was the same, we could follow the manual and find it, and live in bliss. There will be voices around you that will tell you otherwise. Some with the best intentions, some not. Unfortunately, even those with the best intentions don’t have access to your manual, and the one they have and promote as universal is not. Your balance is your balance and it is, right now, in a place that may require a little or a lot of change, in one direction or another. For example, you may need some more rest, or some more action than now in your life, two different directions. You may need some more human interaction, or some less. Overall, the point is nobody can tell you. You’ll need to work out what is better and sustainable for you. By sustainable, I mean you may go out one night and get wasted and forget about everything that moves you away from your balance, but this is not sustainable. You’ll know what is sustainable when it makes you feel god long after you’ve had it, throughout the day. Alcohol can’t do it. Drugs can’t do it. Comfort food can’t do it. They all lead you further from your balance, not nearer to it. Your body usually tells you too. Think of it this way: If you do 4 hours of it a day for a year, how will your body be? There you have it. Vodka is bad. Yoga is good.

Unfortunately, not everything is so obvious. You’ll need to try different things. How about reading literature, maybe fiction? How about applying for a job every day or every week, just to make you feel there is hope to get out of the place you are stuck now? Plus, it may happen. How about carving half an hour a day for yourself, no matter what else, and you meditate? How about creating a circle of goodness around you, where you are the main force. Tell a couple of people that you like what they are doing. There must be some people that you like what they are doing, big or small, otherwise there must be something really wrong with you, ok? It can be someone selling honeyed nuts on the high street who always has a nice thing to say to passers- by. It can be a blogger 🙂 It doesn’t matter. Just find them and tell them. This will protect you from being always vulnerable to negativity, which permeates your thoughts, and from there your mind and your body. This actually isn’t as deep as it sounds.

I feel really limited in this hotel room, I think I am going to write a blog post about it.

I feel really limited in this hotel room, I think I am going to write a blog post about it.

Ok, you have problems. You may have family problems, children, health issues, financial problems, career issues, and problems that you can’t even tell anyone for whatever reason. I suspect most people do, and I am sure more of them exist than you’d think based on appearances. It doesn’t matter how big yours are. Do something irrelevant to it, if this is what is needed to create some balance. Do you live in a huge city but you are alienated? Try one of the 1000’s of clubs and societies that operate in the city. Small town with limited options? The internet is big. Is your great career in danger because there is a new boss or a horrible colleague? How about writing a funny post about it? Turn them into fictitious characters, keep as much of their horrible actual existence as you want in it and write a funny story about it, or draw a satyrical painting of them, or a poem. (Actually, you can also try reiki, you’ll love it) You’ll be amazed how cathartic this is. All I am saying is there is always another angle to approach things. And your balance is there. Not in finding it. It is in believing it is worth looking for it. Because you’ll be finding new things, where negativity hasn’t got yet. If it turns out it has, keep looking.

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