I have read the news about the thousands of refugees trying to get to Europe at any cost, as I am sure you have. I have previously written that I think help starts very near home. We miss out opportunities to help people around us who become invisible, and make our towns and cities worse for that. Still, this is a tragic time, exposing many of the horrid truths about what exactly is happening in the middle East, what is (and isn’t) happening in Europe where some countries, organisations and people offer some help while others don’t. It took a picture of a drowned boy to activate a big response in the UK; was this because those living in the UK didn’t know what was going on before? Hardly. Media power at it’s best and worst, for what was happening before.

Can you, me, everybody, help? Where does this start? It starts here. Have you helped anyone today? Is it because there isn’t anyone to help around? I doubt it. Is it because you can’t help? If you can’t, maybe you can tell a friend about it. £2 will help, and there are endless charities, organisations and events ready to take your equivalent to one cappuccino and turn it into a blanket for those who need it. What the hell is it worth to you? You can, probably, still have the cappuccino afterwards with another £2 that you also have. Are you going to tell yourself the lie that it doesn’t matter, that it is not for YOU to do anything or that it is someone else’s problem?

"This can actually save a life? We have messed up big time"

“This can actually save a life? We have messed up big time”

However, if you are feeling really generous and you can donate over £6, I attach links for three organisations who do this online- the top one is the Red Cross, the second is the International Rescue Committee and the third one is Hope for Children, all focusing on the refugees from Syria in the links below.

Apologies, I have nothing witty, funny or particularly unusual to say. Just this once. Maybe next time.

The Red Cross

The International Rescue Committee

Hope for Kids

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