On September 8, 2013 my beloved uncle and godfather, Sotiris (Lakis) Goulimaris died, aged 83. There is little to be said I think, when someone passes, but I have a few words I want to share with the world in his memory. Lakis was a really good man, who, as long as I had the privilege to know him, never said a bad word about anyone. He never did anything to take advantage of anyone and on many occasions he went out of his way to help people who often did not deserve much help. He gave his time, money, energy and good advice to a lot of people and, to the best of my knowledge, never asked for any back. He had a happy family that loved him and he loved and he’ll be with us for many more years. I worked with him for years in our family business. There was no timetable for him, when something needed doing, it needed doing, after hours, before hours, it did not matter. Everybody that worked for him got paid on time, way more than market wages, without exception. For him it was more important that everybody was happy with the arrangements than that profit was maximised. Working in a happy environment was a great profit, the other one followed (…and it did). He also gave to several charities without anyone knowing, gave to friends, and often others who needed his help. Often, in order to avoid friction, he’d accept to lose something, knowing full-well that more aggressive approaches were available and sure to bring him or his side more gains. He chose not to take these approaches and often people took advantage of this. Here is the moral of the story. He always had enough. Financially, he was very prudent with investments, exceptionally rare in Greece. Emotionally however was the biggest trick. He created a bubble of goodness around him and lived in it. He treated people very well and bloomed on the majority that treated him well back. The rest sooner or later, with friction or without, were left out. This kept him young and happy. He lived a full happy and healthy life and died happy and I don’t know a greater blessing. His family and all the great things that he left behind will be the living memory of the world that he helped make, for himself and others. Tellingly, he died in the sea that he so loved. In my mind this will be a metaphor for ever, he died in the sea of goodness. In many ways I think he was far too good. Go in peace Λακη Γουλιμαρη.