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ImageThis is about the interview that Lance Armstrong gave to Oprah. For those not familiar with it, Lance Armstrong, 7 times winner of the Tour De France and by far the best known cyclist, admitted that he was doping for a big part of his career, including the 7 wins that came after he recovered from testicular and other cancers. I watched all of the 90 min interview and I also watched Oprah’s reaction to it, which went out before the actual interview did. In her reaction Oprah said that she was somewhat satisfied with Armstrong’s responses but that he didn’t  say as much as he could, or something along these lines. There is a lot that will be said and written of course. A lot of the interview focuses on what will happen now to Armstrong, in his life, career and association with cycling and other sports. I think there is something really important about Armstrong’s future that was not discussed as much as it should have. This is that by his actions and lying, Armstrong actually (and not potentially or even just metaphorically) destroyed a lot of people’s lives. He destroyed their financial situation, their professional opportunities, their family lives, and possibly their health. I include here the people that he and his team took legal action against, with the money that he illegitimately gathered in his life and career but the point is not limited to them. As an example (out of thousands), think of the tens of millions of dollars that he has cost the athletes that did not win the Tour de France when he won it. (By the way, this came out a few hours after I wrote the post) I think that it will be fair for some court to award damages to the extent that Armstrong should not find himself with a dollar in his name or his physical possession ever again. If he makes any kind of comeback, or even if he doesn’t, from now on, any money paid to him or any financial vehicles in any way associated with him should go to the people mentioned above. If he writes a book and it brings money, this money should go to them. If he takes part in a movie, same. You get the picture. So, yes, a comeback is a legitimate thing for him to want. Everybody deserves a second chance and even a third one. His should be capped because he denied a lot of people of their chances, knowingly and with intention. That’s my point.