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This is not a criticism of any kind, just a sociological observation. This blog is now active for about 5 months. I don’t do it professionally, I do not make any money out of it. Since day one, I create a link on my facebook account for any new post, like this one. I love it when people comment on what I’ve written and it usually creates a bit of a short conversation, sometimes involving more than one person (and me). The blog has a link for comments and ‘likes’ for each post. Now, here is a very brief and not very detailed account of the comments I’ve got so far. Overall, I have about 2 comments and a little fewer ‘likes’ on average for each post. A total of about 60 comments and 50+ likes. At the same time, I have about 750 ‘likes’ and over 500 comments for the blog …on facebook. So, in other words, someone reads the blog, ignores the bit where it says ‘like’ which is right in front of them, ignores the bit that says ‘comment’ that is right in front of them, goes back to the facebook page that they ‘came in’ from and says ‘like’ and makes a comment. This, I think, is the equivalent of reading a newspaper being in the same room with its editor and some other readers of it, and then going to the newsagent you got the newspaper from and telling the people there, what you think of it and its editor. Am I missing something?

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He is a complete idiot you know, I know the editor personally...

He is a complete idiot you know, I know the editor personally…