Of all the social media that I have engaged with, twitter is the one I like the least. In fact I would say I hate it but this wouldn’t be precise, as for the most part we go our separate ways. I understand that millions of people use it and love it but the same is true for cigarettes. Now, I am not sure twitter will give you lung cancer, I am reliably informed research is undertaken. It will, however do a lot of other damage to your life. It takes up a lot of your life, it interrupts your thoughts if you are following it all the time and it makes you a person of little depth. Everything is 140 characters. You may say that if it is anything important, the twit only ‘sends’ you there, you’ll get to the depth from the twit, not ‘at’ the twit. Well! No, it won’t happen. You’ll spend half your time twitting and the rest of your time following other people’s twits. If you are the kind of person who mainly tweets but doesn’t follow others, it will help you lose yourself in your own self-importance (…said the man writing a blog about his own experiences and views on things :-)) while effectively being dismissive, indifferent or at best less engaged with what is happening to people around you. But, you may say, you may do this when you are on your own, what is the harm then? I have no stats to support this but do you think twitters read more or fewer books than non-twitters? When they talk to people, do they make more or less eye-contact? Do they pay more or less attention generally? Is their span of attention higher or lower than non-twitters? Is their capability to concentrate the same as those who don’t twit?

What is the counterargument? Twitters multitask. Really? Doing what exactly? How well? Not persuaded? You are on an operating table for a 7-hour brain surgery. Is it ok if the doctor is twitting? Too serious for you? You are shopping and the person helping you is twitting. 😦 Not persuaded yet? You are out on a date and your date is twitting. You are at a party and the people who you are talking to start to twit. You are trying to talk to your husband/wife/partner and they are twitting. You are trying to talk to your children and they are twitting. You are at a lecture and the people next to you are twitting. At the theater. in the bank queue. I think the point is clear. Twitting, during about 80% of the total time (including 95% of time spent with others, with the exception of people saying to each other “hey, let’s see what’s trending on twitter” which is just a waste of time) is either self-centered or rude, or both. The rest of the time, including the side of it ‘following’ other people’s …contributions is often pathetic. You really want to know what Lady Gaga twitted? Really? Ok. @ifthisisyou #youareinthewrongblog