Isn’t it ironic? You are reading this following a link on facebook, in all probability. Yet, I will argue that the most annoying thing on facebook is (nowadays) giving everybody too much information. Of course I understand this is its main source of income. Shareholders want this and now that I think about it they paid $38 a share and now they are sitting on $28 or so, they want the site to perform. Yet, as a user I really do not want to be told anything I did not explicitly asked for. I understand that the info I upload on facebook is gradually released beyond anyone I explicitly allowed it to be, but that is one thing – more or less everybody has worked this out by now. But why, oh why, do I need to be told what everybody has done, uploaded, wrote to someone else, said about something, you get it. I don’t care. I have a small circle of people who I occasionally want to know what they are up to but do not actually want to call, email, facetime, skype or physically visit so I go on their facebook page and look to see if they are up to anything interesting. They are about 20, of my 350 ‘friends’. The other 330 have yet to surprise me by an action they informed facebook about and it to bombard me consequently. Don’t go down the ‘oh, you can adjust the settings to avoid this’, no you really can’t, not to the extent that you won’t get any info that you don’t want. How about a setting ‘only tell me what I explicitly ask you to tell me’? I, personally, with more disposable income than the average user I assume, would spend more time on it if it did that and didn’t tell me all these things I really, truly do not want to know. Oh yes, that and people using my name adding me to groups, and tagging me to all sorts of things I’d rather they didn’t.I fully understand people’s effort to create traffic and brand themselves, but would rather it involved me being asked personally first. My default position is “You can ask and I may say yes but I am not happy for you to do anything you want with my facebook existence without asking”. Same as in real life really.