I talk to myself. By this I don’t mean to say that what I write here is directed to me. I mean that I actually talk to myself at different times during the day, especially if there is something that I am thinking about and I can see more than one side to an argument so I discuss it as if I had this conversation with someone else. Regretably all participants (there aren’t only two, ok?) have the same intellectual capacity and often similar views on life, as I have not perfected the art of transforming myself into, say, a retired Chilean wine-maker, a post-menopausal feminist, an Oxford don, a Saudi political prisoner (I’ll stop now, I am sure you get the picture) all at the same time when I walk home from work. So, for the most part there is a lot of agreement to what I say to myself. But I do accept that at any given time, there are other views that I have not considered and have not represented, wrong as they may be. I see this as the job of other people and I enjoy conversations with other people too. Unfortunately, ‘other people’ are not always there, and furthermore on most ocassions even if people are there, the time, context or people themselves may not be right for a particular conversation. What a waste of communication opportunities! In this respect, I think blogging is of great use. I think of something, argue for, against or in relation to it, and post it here. Then I go eat, work, run, watch TV, write a paper, play the guitar, go on holiday and you comment on it if you find it interesting and can be bothered. I come back. Reply, comment back, read yours, continue the loop. It is in many ways better that facebook (relevant post to follow) for many reasons, principal among which is that you remain uninterrupted by the unending flow of information that facebook would be bombarding you with, while you actually think of something that is not the picture of a cat with subtitles, somebody by the sea, somebody else looking very cute indeed, somebody copy-pasting every available bit info on the web. which requires a span of attention of 10 seconds or less and gradually turns you into a goldfish. This requires a bit more. And it turns or keeps you a better person for that! The moment you substitute “Oh, how cute” with “why am I looking at this?” you have every chance of becoming a better person, better to talk to, listen to and generally to be with. I mean in real life, not on facebook. Please note the “become” bit, which is different to “be”. Effort goes into writing reading and thinking and deciding to take action about it – maybe write something insightful or (God forbid) make a phonecall, or organise to see something in person. I am exagerrating and now that I think about it I know I am overdoing it here; “meet someone in person”??? What are you talking about??? If we are gonna meet people in person what are we gonna do with all these #s and @s and links that God bestowed upon us?

P.S. I told you I talk to myself